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Mexican legends bloom in Britain for Christmas

Wild in the highlands of Central America, reaching a height of up to five metres, grows a vibrant plant known as Flores de Noche Buena – ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’. Treasured by Mexico’s people, it was first put to use by the Aztecs, adorning temples with its intense symbolism. Steeped in legend, it has since garnered a varied and celebrated global reputation, most notably as a favourite festive houseplant commonly known as the poinsettia. [...]

12 DIY designs for crafty Christmas memories

Stockings magically filled with presents, Christmas trees aglitter with lights and colour, opulent decorations, gifts wrapped with love and huge, thoughtfully-cooked feasts. Christmas is a time for memories shared by children and adults alike, so Stars for Europe; the poinsettia experts, have come up with a range of special DIY ideas for making the festive season all the more meaningful, beautiful and alive. The selection features unique tree décor tips, floristry wreath-making techniques, chic advent calendars, other-worldy table arrangements, fun Christmas cones for kids and lots more.  [...]

Home Sweet Christmas Home: poinsettias spread cheer as the holidays draw near

As friends and family gather for the festive season the poinsettia makes a welcome addition to celebrations at the most beautiful time of year. Also known as the ‘Christmas Star’, the popular plant works in contemporary and traditional settings, provides a splash of colour and is one of the best-known symbols for a magical Christmas. [...]

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