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Details about european Christmas customs

Belgium: ‘Sinterklaas’ and ‘Zwarte Piet’
Christmas joys commence early in Belgium with ‘Sinterklaas’day. On the night of the 5th December, ‘Sinterklaas’ rides with presents from house to house, accompanied by his helper, ‘Zwarte Piet’. [...]

Stars for Europe

Christmas in Europe: stockings hanging over the fireplace, Advent calendars, the Three Kings and the warm glow of Advent wreaths, decorated Christmas trees, the Christmas Eve Feast and a table covered with gifts. [...]

The Christmas star - with genuine star stature

Shimmering candlelight, glittering decorations. Winter time can shine and gleam, glisten and sparkle again. The greyness of everyday life is pushed into the background and the special, glamorous side of life increases in importance. [...]

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