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How to become green-fingered by Christmas

Experts share the secrets for keeping a colourful poinsettia to last the season. Getting stuck-in with gardening duties over the Christmas period is reserved for die-hard outdoorsy types, but for the rest of us there’s poinsettia. A classic among houseplants, it stars during the festive season but has built up a bad rep as thee of little faith think it’s tricky to look after. Its Latin name; Euphorbia pulcherrima, describes it as the most beautiful of its genus. Which is true, but also means its incredible colouring lends to sensitivity too. But poinsettia experts at Stars for Europe have the answers so anyone less than keen on freezing in the garden can become green-fingered (or more like a stunning scarlet red) in warmth and comfort with this festive favourite.  [...]

The many faces of Poinsettia

Plant experts at Stars for Europe tell us about the poinsettia varieities we’re missing out on.Delicate furled edges, ripples, rounded pom poms and scrunched velvet textures, in spectrums of colour from antique peach to deep maroon, cinammon hues, barbie pink, yellow, ombre, stripes and spatters. Few are aware of the poinsettia’s many changing faces, as over 80 per cent of the UK’s plants are standard red, but science and horticulture has taken a leap over the last century and we’re now offered a spectacular range of festive favourites, a million miles from those growing wild in the Mexican highlands. [...]

Poinsettia for Winter Weddings

All pre-conceived notions of the poinsettia as a purely traditional pot plant have been blown away by the work of five über-talented professional florists. Tasked by Stars for Europe with designing a wedding bouquet incorporating a poinsettia, the five have revealed the poinsettia to be a spectacular, versatile and long-lasting cut flower. [...]

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