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Poinsettias for every generation

Living decorations make Christmas what it is

For most families, Christmas is rich with tradition and the preparations often start weeks in advance to make sure everything is perfect so that by Christmas Eve a quiet surrounds everywhere and families join peacefully together.


Part of the tradition will often include the purchase of a Poinsettia… the must-buy flowering plant for Christmas. But while the tradition may have started with your Granny, with a bit of imagination and creativity, you can do all sorts of things with this winter-blooming flower to make a completely individual and totally modern Christmas decoration to tie in with the rest of your decoration theme.


While it may have been Prince Albert who first introduced the classic Christmas tree to the UK from his German/Austrian homeland, these days everyone has a tree… be it a traditional fir or a modern interpretation on a theme, ranging from upside down black plastic ones to white light festooned, lichen covered branches.  Because whilst some elements of Christmas may change, especially as children grow up and dispense with Advent calendars and stockings, trees and Poinsettia plants stay a constant… just adapted to suit modern day styling.


Red and gold are still the most classic Christmas colours but silver and white is increasingly popular. Some trees will carry a single theme - like bows or plain baubles - others will be a complete mash up of every home-made decoration.  And there are no rules on when the tree goes up these days. Tradition says it should be done on Christmas Eve but who can wait that long!  1st December is the earliest if you want to avoid too much needle drop but it should really be when you start your Advent Ring. The 15th is a good compromise and of course the 12th ties in with Poinsettia Day which means you can do the whole Christmas look together.


One tradition though that hasn’t changed much over the centuries, never mind the years, is the use of living foliage. Holly and Ivy were sacred to the ancient Druids and used together as door wreaths to ward off evil spirits in the dark nights, while Mistletoe, the romantic element of Christmas, mustn’t touch the ground until Candlemas.


The Poinsettia as a family Christmas tradition

Whether it’s Dad fighting the lights, kids stirring the Christmas pudding mix or Mum getting up at dawn to put the turkey in the oven, making Christmas special is a family affair and when it comes to Poinsettias it opens up a whole host of opportunities to add each generation’s style.


Poinsettias come in a huge range of shapes and colours, which make fantastic starbursts of colour in every home. Why not try designing an original flowerpot holder for your Poinsettias by getting everyone around the table and finger painting a gift bag together, wrapping the flower pot in cellophane, and popping it inside. This little Christmas crafting activity is lots of fun for young and old and makes the plant special to your family. Decorating Poinsettias together each year can become a beautiful family tradition for many generations.

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