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All pre-conceived notions of the poinsettia as a purely traditional pot plant have been blown away by the work of five über-talented professional florists. Tasked by Stars for Europe with designing a wedding bouquet incorporating a poinsettia, the five have revealed the poinsettia to be a spectacular, versatile and long-lasting cut flower.

The trick to producing long-lasting cut poinsettia is to dip the cut stem immediately in hot water at 60˚C for 20 seconds and then into cold water for 10 seconds. This seals in the milky euphorbia sap and helps the cut poinsettia last up to two weeks in water or five to six hours out of water.


Radically Red


Pip Bensley, Southampton based designer with three RHS Chelsea Gold medals under her belt, created this striking bridal design to brighten the darkest of winter days. This confident red bouquet combines the classic red poinsettia with red painted twigs, waxed berries, red ranunculus and red nerines, their stems wrapped in red felt and bound with decorative gold wire.


Pretty in Pink

Styling the Poinsettia ‘Pink’ with pink ranunculus, skimmia, pink heuchera and sambucus foliage dressed with silk pink ribbon, Jessica Simmonds of London floral stylist s Okishima & Simmonds, has created a fresh, yet seasonal, wedding bouquet. Placed with a simple hair clip, a single stem of poinsettia adds the perfect floral touch to the bride’s hair.


Wintery White


Creamy-white poinsettias blend perfectly with white ornithogalum, white phalaenopsis orchids, sprigs of blue pine interwoven with the curling stems of tillandsia xerographica in this exquisite design by David Ragg, published designer and five time RHS Chelsea Gold medal winner. The bowl shape is to be cradled in the bride’s cupped hands, and contains wet floral foam to keep the flowers fresh for up to two weeks, long after the bride has gone!


Heart of Winter

Evoking the warmth of winter evenings, this beautiful bouquet by Kristina Cousen of The Blacksmith’s Daughter combines coffee-pink poinsettia with the rusty-browns of phalaenopsis orchids, Red Naomi roses, brunia, delicate birch twigs and lace and hessian ribbons.


Wild Winter


This free, loose, spectacular cascading design is signature Jay Archer, award-winning wedding florist based in Hampshire who also heads up the acclaimed Jay Archer Floral Design Flower School. Winter foliages mingle with spirea, roses, viburnum, convolvulus, delphinium, reindeer moss, feathers and creamy Poinsettia ‘Sorbet’.


Venue décor

Poinsettias also lend themselves to creative and unique table centrepieces, chair backs and cake decorations. Here, a tall centrepiece is created with an arrangement of pink and cream cut poinsettias, roses, lisianthus and cut foliage placed atop a tall glass vase and adorned with ribbons and skeleton leaves. 


This colourful long and low centrepiece, perfect for a top table, incorporates white, rose and pink coloured cut poinsettias inserted into a long tray of floral foam, combined with roses, chrysanthemums and skimmia on a bed of gypsophilia.

Sweet chair backs can be created with just one large single poinsettia bract standing in water-filled glass tubes, affixed to a wire ring which is coated in moss or foliage.

Ask your florist to cut and seal your poinsettia bracts properly and they’ll make a gorgeous cake frame or topper. Here, cut salmon-coloured poinsettias, jasmine, roses and gypsohilia create a floral bed for the an elegant tiered cake.


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