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2016 poinsettia table decoration classic 02
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2016 poinsettia table decoration classic 02


Mit ihren kräftigen Farben und ihren prachtvollen, sternförmigen Hochblättern eignen sich 

With their vivid colours and showy star-shaped bracts, poinsettias are particularly suitable as festive table decorations at Christmastime. A single poinsettia in a water-filled tube is an equally uncomplicated and a pretty welcome for guests. Immediately after cutting the poinsettias, hold their stems in 60°C water for approx. 5 seconds, then dip in cold water. This way the colourful bracts will stay dazzlingly beautiful for up to two weeks.



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Table decoration, Cut Flowers, Classic, 2016
2016 poinsettia table decoration classic 02

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