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2012 modern 08
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2012 modern 08


A Swedish custom commemorates the martyr Santa Lucia, who saved Sweden from a great famine in the 4th century.  In the morning of the 13th of December, the eldest daughter of the house carries candles and a tray with lovingly prepared homemade sweets to her parents’ bedside. A bright red highlight on the tray pictured here is a red mini poinsettia which will also look great on your festively decorated table, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. 



Christmas, poinsettia, decoration, red, modern, log cabin winter, plant pot, pot, tray, table, little sacks of fabric, chequered, candle, biscuit, star, hessian sack, glass cabinet, wooden chair, mandarin, gnome, star bowl, ornamental apple, stone, chair, rug


Table decoration, Classic, 2012
2012 modern 08

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