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12 DIY designs for crafty Christmas memories

Stockings magically filled with presents, Christmas trees aglitter with lights and colour, opulent decorations, gifts wrapped with love and huge, thoughtfully-cooked feasts. Christmas is a time for memories shared by children and adults alike, so Stars for Europe; the poinsettia experts, have come up with a range of special DIY ideas for making the festive season all the more meaningful, beautiful and alive. The selection features unique tree décor tips, floristry wreath-making techniques, chic advent calendars, other-worldy table arrangements, fun Christmas cones for kids and lots more. 







1. A fiery, foraged woodland wreath

This wild and textured wreath design is easy to recreate and really suits that other-worldly, woodland feel that’s been all over Instagram this year. You will need: a selection of festive foliages – either forage for yourself or ask your florist to source some for you (blue pine, spruce, Nordmann fir, juniper twigs, eucalyptus, twigs covered in lichen, or your choice), a selection of poinsettias in varied sizes and colours, church candles, twine or green florist string, a round tray-  Simply arrange your plants and foliages on your tray in a wreath shape. Placing sprigs on top of one-another in a circular motion will create an effective, rounded shape.
-  Loosely tie sprigs together to hold the shape.
-  Then add your four Christmas candles to finish off the arrangement. 


2. Classic Christmas wreath to stand out 

Try your hand at floristry to really impress guests and create a stunning wreath for advent or the Christmas Day dinner table.You will need: 8-10 red poinsettias, 1 basket of moss, 1 ring of florist foam with base (40 cm diameter), 1 pack of florist pins, 4 large, red self- extinguishing candles, 10 golden stars for pinning, secateurs, 60 degrees Celsius hot water- Carefully cut the bracts from the plant using the pliers. To
prevent the milky sap from leaking from the cut surface, dip the
stems into 60 degrees hot water for a about 5 seconds and
then immediately in cold water. Now, the stems are sealed.
- For an impressive Star Wreath, it's recommended to use a ring
of florist foam with a diameter of 40 cm. The foam needs to be
well watered to ensure the best vase life for your poinsettia
bracts. Because of this, ensure you have a plastic tray beneath your foam. Next, cover the ring of foam with a thin layer of moss, and fix with pins.
- Insert the poinsettia stems into the foam one after the other. To protect the stems from breaking, it's recommended to prick the holes first by using a knitting needle. For an opulent wreath, have three rows of cut poinsettias.
- Fill the centre of the wreath with dry florist foam to create a space for the candle. Fill free space around the candle with moss.
- Finally, decorate your wreath with golden stars by inserting them into the foam. 


3. Rustic living Advent calendar

Go back to nature with this minimalist way of presenting Advent’s 24 little surprises. You will need: A wooden or cork pin board, nails (and a hammer!), think black card, white pen, mini-poinsettia, Christmas postcards, your choice of baubles and ornaments (sprigs of spruce, pine or fir, pine cones, etc.), small gift bags in fabric or card.Place your mini-poinsettia in the gift bags.
-  Scribble messages to loved ones on the postcards.
-  A stem of cut poinsettia could also be placed in a test tube of water (to keep it fresher for longer, seal the cut stem in boiling water first).
-  Cut rectangles in the black card and write numbers 1 to 24 on them.
-  Hammer your numbers into the board with nails, interspersing your little décor items across the board.  

A fresh take on bows and ribbons

Simple but effective; use poinsettia bracts to adorn your wrapped gifts. 

You will need: Poinsettias, ribbon, gift tags, wrapping paper, tape, Christmas presents! 


- Wrap your gifts in paper as you normally would.

-  Cut bracts from your poinsettia plants and seal the cut stem ends in boiling water for 20 seconds.

-  Tie ribbon around all four sides of the gifts, and when you come to tie the bow, remember to insert your poinsettia sprig. 



5. Simple but striking dinner decorations

Poinsettia bracts make beautiful, natural table décor, simply scattered, arranged as a centrepiece or attached to napkin holders.


You will need: a festive dinner table, poinsettias

-  Cut poinsettia bracts and seal the cut stems in boiling water.

-  Scatter the bracts across the table, place in glasses or attach to pre-bought napkin rings.

-  Have a planted poinsettia as your table centrepiece. 



6. Sparkling Christmas craft cones

Great for getting the kids to try, these cones are simple to make and look nostalgic and sweet hanging from the tree. 

You will need: Stiff craft paper, gold pipe cleaners, mini-poinsettias, decorative tape, a stapler

-  Roll your craft paper into cones and stick together with tape.

- Staple gold pipe cleaners to create little handles for your cones.

- Without removing your mini-poinsettias from the plastic pots you bought them in, insert them into the cones. It’s best to keep them in their planters so that they can be removed and watered easily, without soaking the paper.

- Hang your poinsettia cones on the tree!  


7. Give Christmas morning some welly

Try using an old welly as a planter for a quirky, wintry take on the Christmas stocking.

You will need: a pair of old wellies, poinsettia plants, sprigs of spruce, pine or fir, strips of faux fur, your choice of decorative items (twigs, festive baubles, pine cones, hanging ornaments, ribbon, string etc.), strong glue. 

- Cut strips of faux fur and glue to the tops of your wellies to create a fur lining-  Insert your poinsettia plant into the top of the wellies (if it feels too loose, try cramming newspaper into the boot so the plant sits on top)

- Use your creative touch and add your decorations; wrapping twigs in circles around the plant, tying ribbon and hanging it from the top, hang extras, etc.

- Alternatively, just add a poinsettia to one welly for decoration, and fill the second with sweet treats for little ones.


8. Scarlet bursts for the Christmas tree

Adorn the Christmas tree with bursts of vibrant red, living poinsettias for an alternative, or sparkling addition, to the standard bauble. You will need: mini poinsettia plants, moss (moisten with water), thin floristry wire

-  Buy a number of mini-poinsettia plants, available from most garden centres, florists or supermarkets in the run-up to Christmas.

-  Wrap the root-balls of your mini-poinsettias in moistened moss.

-  Take some thin floristry wire available online, from craft stores or your local florist, and wrap it around your moss balls. Use this to hang the poinsettia bursts from the tree. 

Opt for a glass alternative for a look that’s more elegant and sparkling than wild and wonderful: 

You will need: mini poinsettia plants, ribbon, hanging glass candle holders

-  Buy a number of mini-poinsettias and simply insert the root ball into your glass candle holders (available online or from craft or wedding suppliers)

-  Attach ribbon to your candle holders to hang from the tree. 


9. Fairytale festive hanging details

Simple and effective, these festive hangings play along the lines of a Christmas take on boho bunting, made all the more special by personal touches and special details like teeny tiny water bottles holding cut poinsettia bracts.

You will need: red string, wooden clothes pegs, sprigs of festive foliage (spruce, fir, pine etc.), personal additions like photos, postcards or hand-made paper snowflakes, miniature glass


gold leaf or stickers, mini poinsettia plants

-  Attach your red string so it hangs across the room, or area you’d like decorated.

-  Use wooden clothes pegs, or simply more string, to attach your decorative bits like photos and foliage.

-  Decorate your glass bottles with gold leaf or stickers.

-  Cut bracts from your mini poinsettia plants and seal the ends of the stem by dipping in boiling water for 20 seconds.

-  Tie the glass bottles firmly to your line, carefully pour in water and insert a poinsettia bract in each. 


10. Sweet treats with festive flowers 

A fun make, especially for little ones, and a special way to mix fresh flowers and foliage with the Christmas favourite; poinsettia. You will need: a poinsettia bouquet from your local florist (or make your own by cutting bracts of poinsettia and sealing the cut end in boiling water, then arranging with festive flowers and foliage), two glass vases of the same shape but different sizes, water, boiled sweets, scissors (if necessary)

- Place of the smaller of the two vases inside the larger one.

- Step 2. Fill the space between the two vases with colourful sweets. You can use any type of suitable boiled sweets or jelly beans.

- Fill the inner vase with water.
- Arrange the poinsettia bouquet in the inner vase. 


11. A box of starry surprises

This idea makes a beautiful little gift if your local florist or garden centre is stocking some unusual poinsettia varieties this year (think crinkled shapes, unusual colours like cream or yellow, with variegated or spattered colourings on leaves)

You will need: a flat gift box, a range of unusual mini poinsettia varieties, ribbon, decorative or brown paper, string, tissue paper (optional) 

-  Wrap your plastic poinsettia plant pots in decorative or brown paper and tie in place with string.

-  Simply arrange the plants in the gift box. You can hold them in place by placing them among tissue paper.

-  Finish with a lid and decorative ribbon and bow. 


12. A sparkling shooting star

So easy to make and beautiful on Christmas Eve when the lights are dimmed and the tree is sparkling. You will need: 3 mini-poinsettias (red white speckled or in other colours of your choice), a handful of moss, compost (if necessary), 2 glass jars in different sizes (e.g. 16 cm and 18 cm diameter), 1 set of battery operated fairy-lights, holographic foil or frosted cellophane, sisal, stapler

- Take the mini-poinsettias out of their pots and insert them into the smaller glass jar. Empty space between plants can be filled with commercially available compost or moss.

- Line the larger glass jar with moss and then insert the smaller
one inside it. Loosely arrange the fairy-lights in the space between the two jars. If the battery doesn't fit in between, you can stick it to the back using tape or hide it among the plants.

- Wrap the foil or cellophane around the glass jars and fix it to the back using a stapler. The lights shine through like stars.

- Spice it up by filling the space around the edge with sisal. 















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